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Water Intrusion in Basement Mystery!

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I hope by providing the pictures below, someone is able to give some guidance on where it could be coming from or what to do next. Thank you in advance!

1 - The red lines in the bottom left show where the water intrusion is. This home is on a slight slope. The West Side (right) is higher than the East side (left).

2 - This is a ground floor exterior view of where the water intrusion is. Red lines show where it is on the inside.

3 - This is a picture of the West side (right side) of the house that is above the ground floor area. This is on the opposite side of the house of where the intrusion is.

4 - This is the water intrusion on the inside basement. The walls and baseboards are dry to the touch.

5 - This is a picture behind the wall of where the water intrusion is. Red lines mark the spot. Half of the house has raised foundation and where the water intrusion is on top of the concrete. Soil is dry.

6 - In the raised foundation, this is a picture looking at the North West corner of the house, and the area that is higher than where the water intrusion is. If you looked straight ahead you would see what you see in picture 3 above.

I tried doing a drawing to show the layout of the raised foundation / finished basement. The numbers reference the pictures above. If you look closely, you can see the water intrustion where the blue triangle is on the green area.

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