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Dark stone tile for Black Lab

3 months ago

We’ve just bought a new condo with matte off-white 16 x 16 tile across the main floor. But we have a 9-month-old Black Lab and the shedding is insane. The white tile has to go.

We want to install new tile flooring throughout the condo (tile best suits our lifestyle) but I’m not sure what to look for. It’s a narrow 750-ft2 open-concept entry + kitchen + living room spread with light coming in through slider doors along the back wall but otherwise it’s a bit dark. White Shaker kitchen cabinets, white walls with one navy blue wall, and white oak furniture. We have a transitional style.

The tile should probably be dark to mask the dog fur (we vacuum every day but still…ugh!), but I don’t want too dark since it’s already pretty somber in there. I’m at a loss. Generally speaking, I like wood-look tile but I’m open to other styles.


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