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Phal orchid buds w/ mealies

Rebecca/N. IN/z6A
3 months ago

I have two phal orchids, separate pots but near each other on the same shelf. one has big buds (been on there about a month). saw what looked like white cotton or fuzz around the edges of buds, investigated closer and found mealies between their leaves. ive never dealt w/ mealies before on tropicals so I took them to the bathroom and drenched each whole plant w/ insecticidal super soap (Bonide, I think or at least printed on the label. I think actual brand name is Capt. Jack’s”) then watered them and put back in an area near each other but not near other plants (same shelf they were on before). Will the indecticidal soap cause bud drop, does anyone know? Also, will repotting them cause bud drop? TIA

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