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A Bevy of Canning Jars

CA Kate z9
3 months ago

Some of you might recall that when I last made Aprium Jam I was scrambling for jars.

Yesterday I had to replace the filters in the fridge, which necessitates the removal of the top shelf and all it's contents. Remove I did and discovered too many jars with food that was far too old. (Walnuts from 2017!?) Dump I did.

I now have 17 clean-from-the-dishwasher glass jars, 90% official Ball canning jars, all with new lids.

There were now only 4 full jars that needed to be put back. It was sad to throw so much food away. I guess COVID and it's lockdown didn't help us use up what we had. Several of the jars were of reserved fat from the cooking of various animals: duck, chicken, beef and bacon... several of bacon. Unfortunately, most were made pre-COVID and no longer tasted like much. I imagine there is some also in the freezer. It's next.

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