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Here Are My V's

3 months ago

Let me know if you see them.

I've often wondered how Velvet Throne looks and does, since its registration picture is so riveting. How consistent is the pattern in VG Heaven's Applause?

Jack seems to have several layers in his dog bed. Old dogs expect to be spoiled. They are calmer, but can be more stubborn or suddenly picky about walking routes or food.

I will try again to post. Each time I see it posted. Will do it piecemeal.

Vulcan Logic. An attractive bloom in the garden. Usually reliable.

Velvet Hammer. Striking and clean in its second year in the garden.

Victorian Gardens Starbright --best it has ever been this past year. Not sure why. Completely clean this past year.

Viagra Falls. A taller Hanson.

Vision of Things to Come --Emmerich. Not a front-row plant. Not a brilliant red, but generally clean.

Via Dolorosa. Best viewed in morning. This taken around 11.

Vicky's Radiance --I was wary of getting this, but looked good last summer

Victorian Lace

Vitamin C (Owen) --color carries well in sun.

Viva Pinata --nice Gossard. A bit shorter this past season.

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