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Luis Brinas: Is this blackspot or something else ?

7 months ago

Hi everyone,
I was excited to add Pedro Dot's Luis Brinas to my boyfriend's garden this winter (bare root, grafted on laxa). It took off really great and was getting ready to bloom. Then last week we got hit with a big storm with gale force winds. I wasn't too worried because his garden is well sheltered from the winds but there was a ton of rain for days.
Anyway, this weekend I am back there and noticed Luis Brinas' foliage is looking pretty bad. The slight wind damage to the leaf edges isn't what I'm worried about, it's the dark spots on practically every single leaf. None of the other roses near him have the same problem.
I've never had any blackspot on any of my roses here so far, so I 'm not good at recognizing it.
I wanted to try Pedro Dot's roses because they were bred near Barcelona which has a similar climate to here, and I was hoping for heat tolerance. But if heat tolerance comes at the price of disease, it's probably not a rose for me.
Is this black spot or something else?
First pic was Luis Brinas two weeks ago, the next ones show what the foliage looks like now.

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