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What is wrong with this peace lily

3 months ago

Hello all,

Something is wrong with my peace lily. The outer sections of the plant keep dying back and the leaves are turning brown, advancing from the tips. It had grown quite large last year so I upsized the pot, then, the plant started to die back so I put it in a smaller pot. It is continuing to die back and I am not sure why.

It is in a mix of peat and perlite in one of those pots with some kind of planter drain insert. It has several holes on the bottom of the pot. While it does take a while to dry out, it is not an excessive amount of time. Last time I saw the roots, they did not look like they were rotting,. Roots are visible above the soil so the plant is potted a little high. It is never exposed to direct sunlight and spends its day indoors around 70F.

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