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The Magic Sorcery of the Greenhouse Effect

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

I love visiting the nursery around Mothers Day. Just to swoon over those perfectly pampered --purple blossom- Mac's heads that I will never attain.

I got my Let's Dance Sky View order in. And of course it's semi dormant but it's been perfectly pampered to be primed for selling as I observe how these things from a dormant stage is so perfectly curated to bring to market. Even though it's a 1G , all the small side shoots ends have a terminal bud, I spy buds all along the canes and even buds here and even a bud or 2 from the base around the canes and crown. I know these growers have these things down to a science,PGR, etc to get things all dialed in. But generally I've always seen them -leafed out for sale-. It's interesting seeing this leafless semi dormant buds galore for such a itty bitty plant. And buds along the entire cane, down below, on the crown.

I don't ever see this in -real life outdoor 24/7 in the elements- grown hydrangeas, but for this 1G pot (which seems to be freshly potted as the peat was loose and I've yet to pull it out to see the rootball), but this thing is primed with buds everywhere.

If only the ones grown outdoors can be like this every year

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