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Update - Powder room - no backsplash blue walls - Complete!

Lynn Lou
last year
last modified: 10 months ago


Finally just about complete with this project. Need to touch up walls/paint and get hand towels. Very happy with how it turned out.

3rd Update. No backsplash....SW Naval walls (at the moment), gold fixtures and this canvas. Ignore the size of the sconces...I couldn't make them any smaller.

2nd Update: No backsplash, blue walls (trying to figure out what blue?!), blue/gold canvas and gold fixtures.

Mock up with Dress Blues.

Update: So I think I have decided to not tile any walls. The current plan is to paint the walls and use a cool bold mural or artwork on wall opposite the door.

As part of our kitchen remodel, we will be remodeling the powder room off of the kitchen.

Current powder room has a furniture type vanity with a vessel sink and no backsplash or sidesplash. We tiled the entire wet wall up to about 40". The new vanity we've selected is 42" and is similar (no vessel sink) in that it doesn't have a backsplash or sidesplash.

Thoughts on backsplash? Should we just do a 3-4" backsplash above the counter? Or tile up to ?? tall? Or tile the entire wall? Or no backsplash at all? We currently have a towel stand on the counter (which I hate). I want to have a hook on the wall, but I worry that water will drip down the wall when people go to grab the towel. So would we tile the wall (or just up to ? tall?) to the left of the vanity as well?

This is the drawing of the powder room. And a mock up of the vanity, lights and tile on the entire wall (have not decided for sure on this tile...this is one I had saved for potential backsplash in kitchen). Also not sure if we will do sconces in there or not. We have them now, but they are too low and will need to be raised. We considered getting rid of them and just doing the ceiling light. But I really like the sconces lol. May end up putting them above the sink in the kitchen if they don't work out in PR.

Anyone have a similar set up? What did you do? Thank you :)

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