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This olive green velvet sofa …

last month
last modified: last month

Will soon be mine. I ordered it last night.

It’s just the beginning of a minor living room redo. Will need pillows (thinking big colorful Kilims among others - you know I like mixing lots of patterns and colors), replacing our love seat with a chaise or different love seat (we use and like having a loveseat, but I also like chaises), getting those chairs I posted about recovered, and a new side table. It’s going to look like a mishmash for a while as I figure out what to keep and what to cull and how I want it to come together. Fine with me, I don’t want it to look staged and like I ordered the whole room in one day.

This sofa was very inexpensive, because cats to consider, but I think we’re going to like it. Someday, we’ll splurge on a better investment.

It will be a bit sad seeing my now-sofa taken away, as it was the last one my late DH and I cuddled on.

Anyway, excited to see Big Green. :)

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