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Mango tree in pot dying all sudden

Zup Zap
last year

Hi there,

I hope it’s okay to ask here;

I have 6 years old mango tree that I grew from seed in pot. It has always been super strong and thriving, two years ago I moved to new flat, for a year tree were really fine but last fall it started to die and fast all sudden. Leaves started get big light/dark brown spot that spread on leaves, and most leaves have dropped off. I repotted the tree in new pot and noticed there were some root rot, new pot is big clay pot with lots airy gravel under, tree started grow new branches after couple weeks, but now again I noticed the new leaf tips had turned dark brown. mango Is next to three beautiful lemontrees, lemons have got no problem at all, strong big leaves. I wonder what I am doing wrong, is pot too big, too wet, or dry, there are some small flys around pot but only very few, but so do all plants and all of the others are just fine. Can someone help?

Best regards

JJ, Finland

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