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3 inch schedule 20 PVC end cap?

We have a small pond with an overflow drain that consists of a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe rising vertically through the concrete bottom to the intended water level.

I want to put a cover on the pipe that will allow water to drain but will screen out leaves and twigs and prevent baby ducklings from falling down the pipe. (Yes, that actually happened once. Somehow we rescued the duckling without hurting it!)

In a just world I could buy a PVC end cap, drill or cut some holes in it, and push it onto the pipe. Unfortunately the pipe appears to be schedule 20, with thinner walls and a smaller outside diameter than the more common type, schedule 40. I can't find a source for schedule 20 fittings! I've tried a schedule 40 cap; it's way to loose. Any suggestions, either for finding what I need or adapting something I can find?

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