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S daylilies 2023…….new suggestions for S

sherrygirl zone5 N il
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

The next few days are for S daylilies. Since there are so many daylilies in this category, lets try something different. Today list 7 or 8 of your best daylilies. Then over the weekend list another 7 or 8 in a new post.

Bad joke of the day: The trouble with kleptomaniacs is they always take things literally.

Sweet Isabella is listed because it is one of my favorites, a decent performer here.

Sailor Sky is a gorgeous color, a late bloomer and a good increaser.

Silky Sky is the only Lambertson daylily I have had that likes my garden, thats why it is on the list for me. Blooms have been trouble free and it adds at least one fan each season.

Stone Palace Divine has been a great addition. Good increaser, large blooms on a tall plant. blooms have been trouble free.

Sunday Gloves is sun tolerant here. The blooms look as good at 9pm as they do at 9am.


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