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Major remodel but want to live in first and do in phases

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello! My husband and I fare buying our 25+ year dream home but it needs pretty serious updating. Not a TOTAL gut job down to the studs, but we definitely need to open up some walls/ceiling areas.

For context, the house is 3500 sq feet, I built in 1993 and never been updated. It was underpriced for the area and a fantastic investment, but still a stretch for us financially. We've renovated every home we have lived in so we understand the mess/disruption of a remodel, but we don't want to rush into design/layout decisions. And, not even sure we can even pay for 2 mortgages plus a remodel or rent a house to live in. We'd like to live in the house while we remodel in phases.

The plan to do the bare minimum so we can move in then rent our current home. To make the house "livable" we absolutely need to make some basic updates to the bathrooms, old carpet, and kitchen. Like, they're gross. But these might be totally temporary so want to be as frugal as possible. For example, we don't want to remodel the bathroom or do anything special if we are going to expand / move the shower. We don't want to redo all the flooring if we're tearing down walls.

Would love to hear all the advice on this approach and from those of you who have been in our shoes!! What did you do?? Did you wish you'd just did it all at once before moving in??

For those of you that renovated BEFORE moving in, did you finance it? Lessons learned?


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