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Black Dust from Painted Metal Furniture

last year


This is the 2nd time I've noticed little black dust dots under new furniture. The first time it was with a standup desk addition that was placed on top of a desk to increase the height of the work area. It had a hinge to adjust the height. After using, I noticed little black dots under it on the surface of the desk. I thought it was due to the unit being defective, which it was (the spring loaded hinges weren't working). But the hinges weren't where the black dots were located. The black dots were below a lever which was to control the height of the unit/

Now I'm seeing it again. This time it's under a mattress foundation that is black painted metal. You can see the black dots on the white area in the photo. The black metal is the frame. What is it? Has anyone seen this before? How can I stop it?

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