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Photo is the floor plan from archeitect that kept footprint of our current 1902 historic home. Remodel was to removing full bath that was behind kitchen and created powder room under the stairs along with a kitchen update. The front entry way and parlor are not changing. The dining room is the room with baywindow and a doorway on each wall. Due to some foundation issues, the interior walls that seperated dining room from kitchen and den were demoed. I was not looking for open floor plan, but have it now. Is this better than having the two blue dinig room walls rebuilt? I can't visualize the open dining room flowing into the den and kitchen area. I'm also not sure about the kitchen layout. Appreciate any suggestions that may help me visualize. I called two interior designers on Monday, think I need to hire one for this and kitchen plan, but have not gotten return calls yet. Added some wall measurements in 2nd photo.

Thank you for taking a look!

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