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Crisco shortening not short on cost

Well, my expired little can of Crisco shortening had to be tossed. I mean, it was really expired which I'm not revealing by how much. Let's just say I ended up throwing away the cookies on the cooling rack and those in the oven, plus the cookie dough in the bowl. I was afraid I'd get food poisoning! I had eaten one half of one cookie and the taste was awful. Let's hope nothing else gets tossed tonight if you know what I mean. Is that where the saying "tossing your cookies" comes from?

Anyway, I will start over tomorrow. Went to Dollar General quick to get a small can of shortening. Their shelf of baking items was nearly bare. So I went to another one close by - same thing. I ended up at Drug Mart and all I saw were the big cans of Crisco. I asked a clerk and he showed me the Crisco shortening sticks. A pack of three sticks cost $6.99! A big can of Crisco costs $10.99 now. I had no idea. Because I didn't want to drive to another store I bought the sticks.

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