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Plants that thrive on neglect

last year

Maybe we can get a real world list of plants that are easy care in Fl. I don’t have irrigation and I am lazy so only the hardy survive around here.

Plumbago, green all year and blue flowers with a little sun and water.

Copperleaf, many varieties. Color all year and you can just hack them back.

Plumeria pudica, bridal veil frangipani. Very drought tolerant. I am still waiting to see how well it bounces back from the cold in Palm City but I am hopefully based on past houses.

Texas Sage, pretty little purple flowers. Can be groomed into a cute little bush.

Jatropha, red flowers all year, easy care.

Pony tail palms in a pot seem to last forever.

What makes your list of thrives on neglect? My old back is curious.

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