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Pond plant advice

last month

I wanted to share pictures of the Koi pond and get advice from Florida gardeners. Most of the koi forums have no bearing on a Fl pond. I don’t know why I didn’t think to come here sooner.

This is one of the fish caves that also serves as a turtle perch. We have a snapping turtle that is not into sunning itself. I don’t know anything about turtles or fish but they do hide in there and eat the algae. There is another rock cave in the deeper section that I can’t take a picture of. This pond is concrete with curved sides and no ledges. If I were building one today, I would add ledges for plants but I would still do caves for the fish. We have so many predators out here. We had a swimming bird once! I had to net the pond and then he got caught in the net and I had to untangle him and carry him to a pond up the road. He never came back. These Koi are huge, a ledge would never protect them.

There was a big patch of Iris on top of the other cave that always had frogs but it got so big and nasty that I had to remove it. I need to add more plants of some sort.

cave close up

I added one of these screen versions from the pond store when I didn’t know what they had. I have never seen a fish in it.

It is in the figure eight shape about 16 inches deep mostly with a 4-5’ section by the waterfall.

The former owner had a umbrella in the other end as well and the realtor had him remove it. I think they get enough shade from the plants and one umbrella.

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