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Closing off 2-story foyer but what to do with big window?

last month

We are considering the option to close in our 2-story open foyer to create an additional flex space/play room, and would love advice. I feel like it's a huge waste of potential space but there are some design challenges I'm not sure what to do about.

Specifically, THE BIG WINDOW. We'd probably need to fill it in or reimagine the window in some way. I have no idea if we could match the brick but it seems pretty standard. But, what if we can't? What are some other solution that would not look totally botched

- I hate this window because at night it's a direct eye shot to our daughter's bathroom. Didn't realize the horrible design flaw until we moved in, oops.

- But, it offers a lot of natural light which I so appreciate and would hate to lose. How would you create more natural light once we lose it?

- And, it seems like it's important architecturally to the rest of the house (see pic). Could we close off that window and would it still look good from the front? What should we do?

- It's slightly lower than the rest of the flooring level with the landing, and would be right at floor level or even lower, so it would be a very challenging room to put furniture in. I do not want to create a step-down because then it will be even MORE closed off when you enter the house than it is already.

Would love to hear similar experiences / ideas on how to solve! Also open to the advice that it's a terrible idea and we should just buy a new house. LOL

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