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Key West question

last month

Good morning! After this awful cold snap, DH and I decided we needed a quick getaway somewhere warm. We wanted something with a direct flight and air mileage eligible so decided on Key West. I booked the flights and found lodging (3 nights in Key West, 4 nights in Key Largo) March 11-18. Then, oh no, I realized that this was Spring Break for lots of schools.

So I did a bunch of googling and travel forum perusing. Most people say Key West is not a Spring Break location and the town is strict about drinking age and not renting to under 25s. We're staying in a historic inn about a 15 minute walk from Duval Square and all the bars. Residential neighborhood. The Inn doesn't rent to young people. I'm not concerned about the Key Largo leg of the trip.

Anyone have experience or knowledge of Key West during Spring Break? We've been to Key West a couple of times during our kids school vacations in February so know the bar scene/restaurant is always crowded. We might go out one night to sample a couple of bars, but we'd be back to our room early I'm sure! I could reschedule it a week later, but not sure that would make much of a difference. Thanks!

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