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New House - Garage Entry Door - Clarify Auto-Closing? Should it latch?

last month

New house being built. I called out that the entry door from the house into the attached garage did not auto-close. Builder installed 2 sprung hinges and it now closes. Sort of.

The widest the door can open due to a wall is 90 degrees (swings into the house). From that position if you release the door - it makes contact with the side door frame. The latch plunger just touches the striker plate ramp. But it does not fully seat into the frame (can see a little daylight along the edge). And certainly does not latch.

I'm tempted to leave it in this state: It's already a heavy door to push open - moreso with sprung hinges. It seals tightly when closed. We will have to unload stuff from garage, etc. thru that door typically. Once done - we can always push it the 'final inch' or so just like any other door. And maybe it will get easier once the seals are better broken in...?

Should it fully insert into the door frame? Latch? If so - is there a code I can reference or call out that clearly specifies ths? (Otherwise - they have already said it meets all requirements.)


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