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help! distance between crown moulding and casing too tight

Rick M
last month

On the second floor, we have 9 feet ceiling. Doors are likely 8 feet and already ordered. The door casing is 4.5” and already ordered. Doors can’t be adjusted. Casing can’t be adjusted but maybe it can. Crown moulding is 5.5” ceiling and down from there but maybe I can reduce to 4” or 4.5”. Crown moulding is like 8” about 5.5 from ceiling down and 3” from ceiling horizontally on the top.

The current setup only leaves 0.5” to 0.75” between the door casing and bottom of crown moulding. This is option 1. The only reason to keep this is because I have the open stairs and open to below at entry and the bigger moulding here will be visible from the main floor.

Option 2 is reduce the crown moulding to 4” vertically and keep it 3” horizontally. This makes the doors area look better on second but the moulding smaller for the open to below and stairs. See pictures.

I’ve included pictures of the master door opening the sample crown moulding at the top. The distance between moulding and casing. The stairs ceiling and the open to below ceiling. All the same moulding will be here.


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