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Kallista multiere sink vs Kohler prolific vs kraus kore

last month

First, why is it almost impossible to find reviews for the kallista sink? Is it that the price they show is so expensive most people considering it would rather spend a bit more and get the Ferrari (Rachiele or Havens). Or is there a flaw with the sink? They're impossible to find in person and of the few pictures of the sink on Houzz at least 2 kitchens had them installed incorrectly (no positive reveal on the countertop, so they just have one silly shelf halfway into the sink).
Now, I want the silly halfway shelf, it seems perfect for hiding the dishes as they dry, or are still dirty. But a level at the top would also be required (either by positive reveal or an actual ledge in the stainless).
The Kohler prolific shelves seem to be exactly what I'm looking for, but the center drain is a real hangup. And it's still very expensive while only being 18 gauge.
I don't love the Kraus, but it's thicker steel and has a decent amount of good reviews. It's cheaper, but I suspect you get what you pay for ... Or don't.
The Rachiele sinks are lovely and if I could get my husband on board with copper I wouldn't be here asking what to do, I'd have my copper Ferrari. But stainless probably looks better for our kitchen and I just can't justify paying that much for a stainless sink. And it doesn't have the halfway down ledge, although I think they have accessories that drop down to achieve a similar result.
Does anyone have one of these sinks that they feel strongly about? Or even just seen the kallista in person to know why it's never talked about in these posts?

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