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Watering roses in winter?

bart bart
last month

Now this is clearly the sort of question that has no one right answer, but I want to start a discussion on the topic to help me decide on how I want to proceed.

Up until about the 23rd of January we've had good rain and even snow here in Tuscany,for which I am profoundly grateful. Now it's been about 2 weeks with no rain, and it's turned cold again -what counts as cold for us-the lowest temperature given on one of my weather sites is to be -5 celsius,with the high at about 3; that is a low of 23 F,high between 37/38F ,but sunny. This is only supposed to last until the weekend, when once more the highs will be around 11-14 C (in the 50s F),the lows only about 30-35 F. Roses don't consider this to be very cold.

During the autumn I planted out about 40 potted plants into my garden,and now I'm wondering: should I water them once the temperature goes back up , as it is predicted to do next week? I dare say that the soil is not dry per se-the evaporation rate is still too slow (thank Heaven). However most of my plants are not dormant at all-certainly the roses are not; they are putting out their leaf buds,and some are obviously GROWING (i.e., basal breaks, hoorah). So, how do I regulate myself as far as watering goes?

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