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NEED HELP! Construction Pre-Drywall - Shoddy Work, Mold, Framing, etc.

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We are under a purchase agreement with one of the big builders and concerned after checking on the house this weekend. We found gaps in the framing, doors misaligned with shards of wood filling the gap, what looks to be shoddy work, as well as a LOT of mold.

My husband is severely allergic. I know some lumberyard mold is inevitable however, there are several areas with a different pattern, color and appearance (black, white, green/fuzzy) that suggests water damage or accumulation (to include areas on the subfloor). We are still missing an upstairs window and it has been rainy/cold but they have already started insulation. Given the mold/moisture presence, and us being in coastal South Carolina we're worried things aren't properly dried in and moisture will end up trapped.

It's pretty clear in areas where the construction changed hands, nothing happened for months and then started again. Several roof support beams are rusty, splitting, and strappings barely attached. We are trying to get a pre-drywall inspection done but our contract won't allow anything before final walk-through without seller permission. (An argument for another day). And well, I think we know how that might go. I emailed photos and concerns to our CM (waiting to hear back). I'm sure he'll refer to it already passing inspection but that also doesn't look at everything right? I need second/third/fourth opinions please! How bad is it?! Is this what passes these days?

Linking more photos ⇨ Walk-through Photos (Google Drive) You should be able to comment on those photos if there is anything in particularly jarring.

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