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question on irrigation system

last year

We have a house, badly damaged in one of the socal wildfires 3 years ago, that was recently restored. Our house sits at the top of one of the canyons --that's where the fire came from that burned us out in the first place. While the inside is now new from plumbing to electric to walls to floors, everything, the outside system of irrigation is literally 70 years old. Our gardener is saying we need copper pipes (currently, there are pvc, put in as a stop gap.) He says we need six regions front and back in our irrigation matrix. Currently, gardener comes and hoses down the canyon --but it's a pretty partial and inadequate job. The gardener says that without irrigation we risk dry conditions down the canyon that could put us at risk of burning down again, but the bill for this system is pretty steep --$17K. After it's done, we still have to restore landscaping burned in fire --though we'll be doing mostly stones and cacti, etc, this time around. Thoughts? Just a novice here, this was father in law's house.

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