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Cracking drywall(?) on garage beam - concern?

Mike Weir
last year

I have a garage beam that runs the width of my garage and today I noticed a crack running along almost the entire beam about 1+1/2" from the edge. I believe this is dry wall, and not the wood itself, because I tried peeling back some of the paint/stucco and it revealed a thin grayish papery material (picture attached). There is also a crack on the end of the beam near the wall that makes a square shape (also attached). There is also a crack in the corner where the ceiling meets the beam. Is this a cause for concern? The beam itself is perfectly level right now. These fissures in the drywall (I think) just have me concerned because I do have a lot of weight above the garage (a small home gym for about 2 years). Thank you!

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