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Can cabinet maker use Aura to paint wood cabinets?

last month

Our GC has brought in a cabinet maker to do millwork for a small kitchenette/laundry room. I'm going to ask the cabinet maker for a sample of the door in the brand, color, and sheen we want and would like to gather some info before hand. He is a very fast talking, heavy Italian accented guy who shouts his thoughts and when I ask a question says, "I do whatever you want!" (He seems rather knowledgeable , just a cultural barrier around dialogue, almost like a Saturday Night Live skit.)

1. Can Aura be sprayed on wood cabinets? We like that it is low VOC. Pros and cons?

2. He says to do satin. We'd like the sheen to match the Aura eggshell walls. We've had other cabinets in eggshell. Why do stain vs eggshell? Is it just a cleanablility factor?

3. Some manufactured wood cabinets have a super hard almost plastic feel to the paint. What accounts for this and how do I avoid this? Is that what catalyzed paint is? Lacquer? I just want to be able to use some appropriate terms to say what I want to avoid.

(Here is a pic of our kitchen made by our former cabinet maker, using Farrow and Ball eggshell on cabinets and walls. We want to go with Benjamin Moore this time. The old cabinet maker is from Pennsylvania and didn't understand the ins and outs of working in NYC so we don't want to use them again.)

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