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Seamless backsplash dilemna

Hi all - we are doing a new kitchen as part of big remodel project and we will be changing the footprint and getting all new everything. I am still deciding between white painted cabinets or doing a quarter sawn white oak cabinet. For countertops we are leaning towards white quarts countertops - I don't think I want veining that is too dramatic on the countertops, maybe something that resembles more of a marble. I like the low maintenance of quartz and we've already had Cambria quartz countertops I'm our existing kitchen for years and never had an issue with them (I never put hot pots on it or anything, and I don't care about having a counter that I can put hot pots on). We are considering using the same quartz countertop material as a backsplash in the kitchen for a seamless look. But I have some concerns with this - one is that I worry about having a quartz material behind a range/oven because I don't want it to get heat damaged or stained. We are considering a 48 inch AGA induction range. I would love if the backsplash look could be seamless so I don't really want a different type of backsplash behind the range than the rest of the kitchen. We are likely going to do porcelain slabs in our shower for a seamless look and I am also thinking about doing porcelain as our kitchen backsplash - but will it look weird to have a porcelain kitchen backsplash and then a different quartz countertop material? Or has anyone successfully combined the two - I was thinking maybe I could go with something slightly more dramatic with a little more veining for the backsplash so that it doesn't look like I'm trying to match the backsplash too closely to the countertop when they are different to begin with. I have considered just doing porcelain counters instead of quartz, but I've heard that they can be chipped easily from dropping things like bowls, cups on them etc. and I have three kids so that's blind to happen. Also I like the thicker look of quartz for a counter material. With a backsplash, I'm not as worried about chipping though because we're not going to banging stuff against the backsplash (at least I hope not!)and I like that it's non porous and heat resistant for having behind a stove. The lack of grout is also a huge plus for me in a kitchen.
Can someone please tell me if they have themselves done or seen someone else do something like a porcelain backsplash with a different counter material successfully? Bonus points for pictures!!!!!

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