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Need sink replacement Too much back and forth! What do I do???

Brandi Dowden
last month
last modified: last month

Ive been reading so many questions and reviews that im going in circles . HERE ARE THE BASICS so please please help…i need to replace my apron front top mount sink with something that is kid durable which means scratch resistant, doesnt dull up and look dingy in few years, also stain resistant against things like coffee and for sure against hard water and can with stand steaming hot water being poured and also HAS TO BE BLACK. i was told to go with cast iron (but saw pic of how would look in years) love fireclay idea but was confused with all the back and forth reviews and cant find a single pic of what it’d look like in years, LOVE black stainless steel (found out it turns colors with city water and leaves spots if not wiped which isnt doable with kids and the ”black” wears off in scuffed areas) and composite is confusing with its reviews. i need affordable for sure and all i keep seeing are sink in $1000 range and i cant do that

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