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Does this cabinet layout look right?

last year
last modified: last year

I'm specifically interested in the cabinets above the fridge and ovens. I think they look odd as planned, with three doors that are equal size but seem to bear no relationship with the appliances below them. Maybe that's okay? The cab on the left will have tray storage, and the ones on the right have shelves. The cabinets will all be the same finish. The fridge is cabinet depth but not built-in, so the door will stick out a few inches.

Also, would it look strange to add an inch back to the upper and lower cabs on right of fridge, which would make the cabs to the left of ovens a little narrower? We took width away from those equally when the spacers were added on either side of the fridge, but I'd prefer that the cabs near that bar sink not get any smaller, and my hope is that being almost 6 feet away, it won't be that noticeable if the upper cabs are a different width.

Here's the elevation showing the current plan for this wall:

Here's one with my modification, with the cabs divided to line up with the appliances. I'm not sure if a 30" wide door (above the oven) is possible or even desirable, so maybe it would have to be two doors. Maybe there's a better option?

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