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Thermador range - can’t boil water

Does anyone have difficulty getting a pot of water to boil on their gas top Thermador range? Our 48” unit is 1 yr old (2022), this is a replacement for a previous 48” that was in pristine condition, but the circuit board went bad and couldn’t be replaced because the circuit boards were no longer being manufactured. In addition, I have a temperature gauge in the oven and the interior temperature never jives with what I set the oven to be. Service is scheduled but still cant figure out why water will not boil on certain burners that fire up perfectly and look perfectly fine - its also 100x worse if the oven is on and the vent is blowing the flames. Its a horrible set up, our last range had a back vent that was taller and did not blow on the flames. I did not have any of these problems with my previous Thermador 48”. At this point I would not recommend or ever purchase another for anyone considering.

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