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Bosch all gas 30” slide in range (HGI8056UC) cutout questions

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We’re looking into the Bosch all gas 30” slide in range (HGI8056UC) and have some questions on the cutout.

They are calling for a 25 ⅜” cutout depth if installed in an island (please see attached).

This is not “typical” as a standard base cabinet is 24” deep, so looking for guidance.

Since we are installing in a new peninsula we have the ability to have the range go deeper (if needed), but it probably doesn’t make sense to install non-standard base cabinets.

Some questions:

1) Our kitchen designer came up with a plan to support this (explained to us to help provide for a cleaner install and help with support). Attached is a drawing of this design.

Some notes: the kitchen designer is proposing to add a back panel add 3 extensions on the base cabinets (to make them 25 ⅜” deep).

To us, it seems a bit unnecessary/unneeded, vs. simply sliding the range back.

What’s your take?

2) Why does this range have a different cutout (we think because the lip that extends over the countertops, see here)?

3) What’s the potential issue if we don’t cutout 25 ⅜” and just the standard 24” (I believe Bosch won’t honor the warranty)?

4) If this range dies, and we provide for a 25 ⅜” cutout, then we’re kind of stuck with this nonstandard cutout. Is this something that Bosch has committed to (doesn’t seem like there any other brands that do this nonstandard cutout). Are we thinking about this wrong?

5) Just to confirm, Bosch is showing that the cutout is of the cabinet and not of the countertop?

Thanks much for your feedback.

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