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Family Room Layout - What do you think?

Tizy Gunaratne
last month

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to get your input on the furniture placement/design approach of our family room. This is a back-split style home. Our family room is 20ft x 16ft and has a corner fireplace. Right now I am working with condo furniture that we had before we bought the house. So they are not the right size. After trying out a few different layouts, I have arrived on what you see here. This was the best option considering not cutting off the corner fireplace and facing the entrance to the bathroom and bedroom. I am curious to know what you think?

The furniture I will be buying will be MCM style. I will purchase a large three seater sofa facing the current TV set up, a large single chair in front of the bay window and another 2 seater sofa on the opposite side. Just the way it is set-up now. We will also buy a large rug (10x 12) and a coffee table, I am thinking something cool and not just a rectangular one. Behind the three seater sofa, against the wall will be an MCM style credenza and some minimalist artwork on the wall. I was also considering a couple of floating shelves on that wall. Both options could work. I am going to get rid of the fan. This room does not need it. We will install a large MCM style pendant light in the center of the room so that it brings everything together.

What do you think about this approach?

Thank you so much!

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