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Which DAustin Roses change bloom color in high heat climates?

Kimberly Wendt (Florida Z. 10b)
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Being in Zone 10b, it get's hot and humid. We don't get days on end of 110 degrees, but we get days on end of 90's and afternoon monsoons. So I ran across a reference to a David Austin Rose I have on order that changes COLOR in hot climates. Climber Claire Austin. Claire is supposed/shown to be a creamy white and would pair well on an arbor with say.... Generous Gardener, a warm tinted Pale/Mid pink David Austin. The reference says the blooms become "Butter Yellow" in heat. Whoops! Now what?

So David Austin growers out there.... which Austin's turn color in heat? And what color should I expect from them?

For reference, these are the roses I am most concerned about: Generous Gardner, Claire Austin, Roald Dahl, Poet's Wife, Lady of Shalott, James Galway, Ancient Mariner, Olivia R Austin, Windermere, Vanessa Bell, Scepter'd Isle, St. Cecelia, Queen of Sweden, Molineux, Pat Austin, Charles Darwin.

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