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Help with 13 x 23 foot living room

last year
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I have a long bowling alley room due to removing the wall between a small family room and a small ;iving room. Its 13 x 23 with an 11 ft opening from the kitchen/eating area facing a fireplace flanked by 2small windows with a tv mounted over it. The short wall has a bank of 3 windows. The short wall at the opposite end has a built-in windowseat with cabinets/bookshelves on each end. There's a 5 ft. opening into the fornt hall adjacent to the window seat, then 7 ft. of blank wall. The furniture we have in the room really all needs to be replaced but I jut don't know how to arrange it. I need something facing the fireplace to allow for watching tv without neck pain (husband doesn't want to move it) but our current sofa is 90" long and just too big for the space. I've rearranged the sofa and chairs a million times and haven't figured one out that seems to wrk very well.I thought about a sectional but not sure that will fit either. We have extended family over a lot so when it's not just the 2 of us we have 8-12 people fairly often so we do need a lot of seating options. I do like having a table in the middle of the room but should i keep that and get rid of the 2 chairs and a half by the windowseat? If I do, should I replace them with something smaller? I'd like to use some rugs to also help define the spaces...I would like to update the fireplace as well so if anyone has any suggestions for anything that may work as far as arrangements, uodates,rugs etc. please share!

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