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Is 3/4" plywood enough to support 16" overhang for 2cm quartz?

Julie Davis
last month
last modified: last month

Please settle a debate. We are finalizing our counter and are going with a 2cm quartz with a 3/4 plywood substrate. We have a peninsula that's 41" wide approx. and 99.5" long. The kitchen side has 24" of cabinets across the length, and the dining room side has a 1.5" spacer along the wall followed by 48" of cabinets. The remaining area on the left is for counter height seating and is essentially 50" long and 16" deep. We are not doing anything at the end/no waterfall. Is the plywood substrate sufficient enough to support the weight of the counter or do we need brackets, corbels, or a leg on the outer corner of the counter? Our countertop installer insists we're fine and that the plywood is sufficient to support, but nearly everything I've read online says otherwise.

Thanks! (Measurements on drawing are outdated)

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