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Removing a bathroom

last month

My home is a 3 bedroom, 3 full bath ranch (2,500 sq ft).

The first owner / builder turned a breezeway in between my kitchen and garage into a mud room with a full bath (walk in shower) sometime in the early 80s.

My concern is that I have copper plumbing that’s showing signs of age (corrosion) running thru a tube that’s encased in concrete just to supply this bathroom. The rest of my home has a basement to access plumbing for kitchen and other 2 baths.

It makes sense to me not to deal with the future nightmare of having the floor jackhammered up to repair pipes and remove it.

My house is limited on storage and I’d love to have this converted into a storage / pantry room with my upright freezer and additional fridge, since it’s off my kitchen.

I’ve never used this shower since it’s way on the other end of my home and it’s a bit cold since it’s concrete slab under the tile. The toilet and sink are useful for guest / repair men / contractors, but this bathroom doesn’t get much use beyond that.

If I remove this bath, will this drastically reduce the value of my home? Or is it better to keep and just have fixed when I do have an issue.


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