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Oven doesn't fit in cabinet

last month

Our contractor installed a base cabinet to house our undercounter wall oven. All appliance specs were provided months in advance to the person who ordered the cabinets. The cabinets and appliances were stored at our house and available to the contractor. We brought up several times that our wall oven looked like it would be too tall to fit under the counter. We were assured it would by the contractor. It was installed and it doesn't fit by about a half inch and is not flush with the other cabinets. We were never notified of a problem and he intended to do a work around of his choosing without discussing options with us. My questions are:
1) did the design center and/or contractor have a duty to "catch" this issue before install and discuss options with us? (We would have simply ordered a different oven that fit better)
2) who would be responsible for any additional costs this issue has now created?

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