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Blank slate LR-how should I decorate?

last month

We just bought a house and though we love most of it, the living room is a little small for my family of six. The living area is essentially a 11’2” by 13’4” square, as part of it serves as the entry way/walkway from front door to kitchen. All I have right now is a light grey sectional, a rug, and a TV console with TV and I would love some creative ideas and to have a good plan before I start buying more furniture and decor. You should know that:

  1. We plan to mount on the wall directly above the console, just slightly higher than it currently is. (Ignore mount on wall from previous owner.)
  2. I am on a limited budget and don’t want to paint.
  3. I want the living room to feel very warm and full of earthy colors. (Brown/orange, cognac, dark green…) I also like natural, earthy materials. (Rattan, bamboo…)
  4. As a large family, we need to fit in as much seating as possible into this small space.

That said, what ideas do you have for me? Window treatments? Can I fit in a chair under the window and if so what size/shape should I look for? Can you think of a better placement for the sectional? What would look good on the walls? Should I put sofa tables behind both sides of the sectional?

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