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Couch Dilemma! Leather or fabric?

last month

Hi everyone! Hopefully you can help me solve this problem. I am torn about a couch selection.

I am buying a new home and I currently have a leather couch which will end up in another room and I need to replace it.

I absolutely live on my couch. I eat there, nap there, the dog is on the couch all the time. It is in use 18 hours a day. I need a couch that will stand up to all manner of use (no kids though!). I would LOVE a velvet couch but I'm not sure it could stand up to the abuse.

Do I purchase a leather couch or a fabric one? If fabric, what fabric? And from which manufacturer? So many manufacturers are having issues these days with shipping/delivery (I'm looking at you Joybird and Interior Define!) and quality of the build and the fabric (I'm talking to you Basset!).

I appreciate your responses more than I can say!!

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