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Horrible spot for dryer exhaust. Any suggestions?


Any ideas on what we can do to help hide our dryer exhaust and maybe catch/ hide the lint that gets thrown out of it? We’ve been calling our landscaping angel “The hairy backed angel” since the lint clings to its back from time to time. This is the first thing everyone sees when they walk up our sidewalk to our front door. Horrible design flaw if you ask me. I’ve thought about possibly putting a trellis in front of the window, yet far enough away with some sort of screen to catch lint as it blows out attached to the back of the trellis. I’d place it far enough away from the window and vent to allow proper air flow, etc. Problem is I have a beautiful bleeding heart that is thriving there and I’d rather not disturb it. Also worried about any plant life that would grow on the trellis during the humid summer months of Mid-Michigan. We live on a lake so humidity is an issue at times. We live in zone 5b.

Appreciate you taking the time to read!! ☺️

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