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Would you expect an apology of sorts for this situation?

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I don't expect an apology now, it's only been like 30 years ago. lol Back story is when DS1 was around 12, he had some buddies over to spend the night. At dusk they were outside running around when one of the boys came inside and he could hardly breathe. As an asthmatic myself I knew immediately he was having an asthma attack so I had him take a puff from my inhaler and he could finally breathe.

He went back outside and I called his mom to let her know I think he has asthma and she might take him to the doctor. She said he doesn't have asthma and didn't appreciate that I had him use an inhaler. Seriously?

Today I had a nice chat with his wife, our pharmacist, and we were talking about old times and I asked if he still had asthma because I never asked about it after it happened. She said yes, and his lungs are very sensitive and he has to be watched closely due to covid, other illnesses, and excercise induced asthma which DS2 has. And I was the one who figured out DS2 had it when he was sitting on the grass at baseball practice and could barely breathe while the coach was standing there talking to the guys. I had to get out of my car to get him.

I know, water under the bridge,etc. But I can't help but wonder why she didn't call and thank me for alerting her. If the situation was reversed, I'd call and thank her profusely.

PSA: I think everyone should have an Abuterol inhaler at home even if you don't have asthma. When DH came down with congestive heart failure all of a sudden, his symptom was he couldn't catch his breath. He doesn't have asthma but I gave him my inhaler to use while I called 911. Theyu said I did the right thing. With Covid, it's a must to have an inhaler just in case.

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