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How would you arrange furniture in this family room?

Susan Brake
last year

I can't figure out how best to put furniture in the family room. It's a big room, but with all the walkways going through it, nothing seems to work. Thought I'd throw the question out to the community!

A few things to note:

  • 1 square = 1 square foot
  • Fireplace is marked with "FP"
  • (a) This is where we currently have an "Ikea hack" floating credenza and tv. We like how it looks and functions and would like to continue to use it (or maybe an upgraded version), but it doesn't have to be where it is.
  • (b) This is where my grandmother's very traditional secretary now lives (similar to this). It's not my style, but it reminds me of her, so I'd prefer to keep it there. (But I could be convinced to move it.)
  • (c) This is where the foyer starts.
  • (d) This is where the dining room starts. (It's too small, but that's another design dilemma.)
  • (e) It's very early days on the kitchen design. No need to point out my mistakes there! (Of course, feel free to do so!)

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