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EV selection problem

10 months ago
last modified: 10 months ago

I wish to get a new EV, but am having a problem to find one which meets or approaches my needs:

1. It has to be actually available.

2. I live in the mountains and need to have good ground clearance.

3. It needs to be 4WD or, at least AWD (what's the practical difference?).

4. It needs to have a spare tire, or, at least, space to put one.

5. It needs to be serviceable locally. That leaves out Tesla. In my town there are the Big3 dealers, but no others. The Korean and Japanese dealers are about 45 minutes away, and that's OK. The European ones are a ferry ride away.

The Ford F150 Lightning would be ok, but neither SHWMBO nor I want a pickup. Maybe if Ford came out with the Explorer on this platform, but then there is condition #1.

Also, I need to get a charger, at least Level2, but can't find any under $600 and that's an Internet sale.

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