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Most inexpensive to heat an uninsulated garage

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Most inexpensive way to head an uninsulated garage (no way to edit the title!).

I just had a garage shell built and wasn't planning to heat it, so I didn't put in any insulation (or plumbing). Now I'm in the process of doing some finishing touches, such as installing electricity; I now have the sub panel and many circuits completed. Because of delays in construction, the shell didn't get completed until winter set in, so I'm trying to do the work in the cold.

The building has a main "garage" portion 24'x24' and a separate 12'x24' walled off section with a 12'x12' room for a future workshop and another 12'x12' room to be used as a storage shed. These two rooms together have a loft above. I bought a 1500W space heater and it does make a difference, but I would like more. Which of the choices below would you select (in order of initial cost):

1. Live with it as is.

2. Get a 4000W 240V wall- or ceiling-mounted space heater.

3. Get a propane heater, such as a Rinnai (I have a large propane tank about 50 feet away).

4. Get an air-source heat pump.

Any thoughts? (The temperature outside right now is 0°F)

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