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Kitchen Remodel -- Need help finding best use of space

last year
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We are remodeling our kitchen and trying to figure out 1) the best way to use the space between the kitchen and family room and 2) the best layout to have kitchen seating for ideally, 6 (the number in our family). We do have a formal dining room on the other side of the wall where the stove and hood are located, which is our primary eating space.

A few things to note: We plan to redo the flooring so it is the same in the kitchen and family room. We will get rid of the soffits and pot rack. Also, we are thinking about painting the window trim black in the kitchen and family room. We are considering a slider door versus the swing door that is now used to get to the deck off of the kitchen/family room area.

Attached are pictures of the existing kitchen and family room as well as plans for two different options for the redo. You will see that there is a funky space between the kitchen and family room. One of the plans shows a countertop and table extending into the area. I like the use of space in the plan but I don't know that I like the look. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions and otherwise!

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