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Oh joy I May Have Lost Quite a Few

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last month
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Rosette disease aside (my other panic thread) - this winter we had a severe temp drop (several day of frost), lowest in 40 years. Basically this NEVER happens here in the South.

I did do my best to cover the roses with some bubble wrap and frost fabric but there was a lot of die back. I recently pruned them but did not realize the die back was much deeper than I thought.

I ended up having to chop Easy Does It all the way to the ground because I kept seeing brown in the middle. Here it is.

I suppose when it looks like this it's not OK, correct? You keep cutting down.

Belinda's Dream may have to go further down too because I pruned quite a bit but the brown in the middle is still present.

However, they are still leafing out in some places now, as you can see with EDI above.

How are situations like this addressed? I don't think they are dead but I'm not sure what the severe chopping will mean.

I am starting with quite a few joys this spring...which means I will SO be ordering a few more roses, despite having decided for 0 this year. People make plans and the rose gods laugh...

Any advice would be appreciated.

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