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$20k+ True-Residential side-by-side refrigerators now have ice makers!

last month

For those very few individuals who consider True-Residential as a valid option for their kitchen in the past year True has implemented ice makers into their upright / side-by-side refrigerator freezers. There is not an ice dispenser on the door itself, you actually have to open the freezer door and use an ice scoop. The shape of the ice is pyramid or prism-shape.

True avoided ice machines into their residential upright/side-by-side refrigerators until now because industry-wide it's known that ice machines are always the first component to break and cause repair headaches. So for True, it was a big commitment to include them.

True still has no plans to include water dispensers into their upright/side-by-side residential refrigerators.

For the 99%+ of the refrigerator shopping world who guffaw at spending $20k+ on a fridge - they will be amused by this move by True. To the less that 1% who were balking at True because they didn't have ice makers... it's time to pull that trigger! :-)

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